Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Right, so back to the blog. Shocked to notice that it has been 3 years since I attempted to start this blog. This time I will make it a regular thing!!

A lots has happened since that last post, unsurprisingly. A third little girl has recently come into our lives, lots of wine has been consumed, the world has been travelled (a bit), Brexit and age has started to catch up with me.

So what has spurred me on to commit this time round? A stonker of a comment from my four year old that needed to be documented.

As I was showering this morning she came bounding in to tell me about how she was going to cook us breakfast in bed and what did I want. Whilst musing over what I fancied, I finished showering so stepped out to dry myself off. This caused a number of giggles and pointing say 'I can see your woolly (willy,sic)' I am well used to this now but then she pipes up with, 'Why do you have a hole in your woolly?'.....

Hmmm, how do I answer this. It is 6:30 am and I am trying not to laugh while thinking about how deep to take this penis discussion with my four year old daughter. Thankfully she got distracted by her elder sister appearing after my brief explanation 'to wee out of it' was about as much as I had mustered. An interesting start to the day to say the least.

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